Friday, October 10, 2008

The best boys ever!

Our boys really enjoyed General Conference last weekend.  They especially loved watching the Tabernacle choir and trying to find the one man with a mustache.  They called it "Let's find the mustache!"  When they got bored with that game, they decide to play "Let's find the bald boys".  There were a lot more of those than mustaches.  If conference was just singing, they would have no problem watching 8 hours of it.   
Another great conference moment was when one of our boys passed by the TV just in time to hear a speaker quote a scripture that had the word "naked" in it.  Quietly, he began to laugh and said "naked (chuckle chuckle) he said naked."  The best part was, my boy was not saying that for anyone else, just for his own enjoyment.
Big J is the star student this week at school and everyone had to draw a picture of him today.  He told me that his favorite picture was from Katherine because she drew her and him playing and he really liked how she drew and colored her dress.  He said it was really nice.  He then told me that he asked her to be his very best girlfriend (to differentiate from his best friend that is a boy).  I think she took it a bit different and told him that she would rather just be "friends".