Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is it the middle of summer already?

I am not sure what tone of voice I am asking the question in the title. Some days it is "Isn't it the middle of summer yet? Isn't school going to be starting soon? Please?" and other days I'm freaking out thinking that summer is already half over and we have done only two things on the 101 fun things to do with your kids this summer list. School does not start here until September 1st so there are still more weeks left in summer than we have wasted. Wasted is not a good word. We have been busy and have only had a few days to sit at home and do nothing (except complain about doing nothing and watch TV). Our first two camping trips are over with only one left. The 4th of July with visits from lots of family came and went. We took our annual trip to the fair and bought a funnel cake, just for Katy (even though she was not there. Katy, it really wasn't that good. Really.) John and Dakin's trip across the US is in its final stages and we get to see them a few more times before they leave the country. Alison's second birthday is in two weeks but I am not sure how we are going to celebrate considering that we want to leave on our exciting Utah vacation that day. I am sure we will do something but maybe it will be in Utah. Here are a few pictures from the fun events of the last few weeks. Enjoy.