Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Summer, Installment Two

Installment Two: Ode to Katy

Katy is gone back to Utah but this summer she did everything for us. She babysat, painted rooms, washed walls, cooked, cleaned, taught piano lessons, helped Ryan ride his two wheeler, tried to teach Alison to walk (she is almost there...) and was a naturalist. We definitely miss her but know that she will have an exciting year as she works toward her goal of becoming an RD. Here are our pictures for her of some summer events although I think she has more that she needs to send me....

Jacob's kindergarten graduation

Katy and Alison at a water park

Alison and her birthday cupcake

Jacob and Ryan before we painted their wall blue

Ryan riding his two wheeler

Ode to Summer, the three-part series

With school starting on Wednesday, I felt it was time to finally get some pictures up from our summer vacation. I am breaking up the end of summer blog into three parts, a trilogy, you might say.

Installment 1: Ode to Cousin Visits
We enjoyed visits from many cousins this summer. These were a highlight of our summer. Our kids wish that cousins could visit every day. With G & G S moving soon, our yearly flow of cousins may dry up. Hence, the ode to cousins blog. Enjoy the pictures.

*** Note: Boy on far left is not a cousin, just a friend.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A new twist on the company picnic

Today we are going to my company picnic at Coyote Ranch. On hearing the word ranch Ryan asked, "Will there be cows there?" When I told him no he said, "I want to see cow pies." I asked him if this was because they are big and he replied, "No because they are stinky. Cow pies are my favorite kind of poo and my poo is my second favorite."
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A couple recent quotes

Upon learning two teenagers he knows are now dating Jacob said, "I bet they are going to get married. " I replied I didn't think so. Jacob thought about it and then asked, "Is it because he has glasses?"

Tonight I was watching TV when a commercial for the Octomom special came on. Ryan walked through and astutely observed, "That's toooo many babies. "
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogging from Stake conference: a new low for John.

So I'm out in the car with a sleeping baby for the last ten minutes of stake conference and thought I'd share a funny story from this morning.

While I was getting ready this morning I heard yelling and crying from the general direction of the boys. Apparently they had been wrestling and one of Ryan's toe nails scraped off a thin line of skin on one of Jacob's toes. No perceptible blood.
So this has Jacob totally immobilized and whining during the ritual pre-church scramble. After Suzy had had enough, she told Jacob to go show me his toe. After finally getting a look at the laceration behind all the drama, I couldn't help but laugh and ask Jacob what he wanted me to do about it (thinking nothing needed to be done). He replied in a very dramatic voice, "I don't KNOW!!!" To this I responded, "I guess I'll just have to cut it off."
To which Jacob yelled, "NOOO! I want to LIVE!!!"
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