Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Endofschoolsummerfunstartofschool, part 1

I guess it is time to post on the blog again. The bunny buns post has been mocking me for months and I was in denial that months had past since Easter. It still seemed like last month even though it was not. So I guess I now have almost 6 months to catch up on. I guess it is better to start now than to have a year to catch up. Here we go:
Sometime in the spring, John's step-niece got married. All the kids got new clothes (and I got a dress) and here is one picture I took out of many where everyone is basically looking at the camera with a normal expression.

This spring, we entered the world of swim teams. The small picture is Jacob doing the back stroke and then there is superman Ryan. It is amazing how quickly the children learn to swim well doing the swim team. It is a lot of time once the meets start, but the boys really enjoyed it. They want to do it again next year but they also want to do baseball and this mother is not doing both. Coach French is the swim team coach and he mentioned that he was Facebook friends with Arnold. He says he has 2 more years at Washington and then he'll have been there 40!!! years and will retire.
Summer in Canada. We took an awesome quick road trip up to Vancouver, Canada. We decided to visit the ski resort, Grouse Mountain, on June 30. Here is a picture of us although this could have been taken when we went to the Grand Canyon last year, about July 30. Same vistas. Needless to say, it was a little cold and difficult to see the bears on exhibit, the view of Vancouver, and the birds of prey show.
Ryan finishes kindergarten! He had an awesome year and couldn't wait to start first grade (which he already has so I will post the first day of school picture soon). Ryan scored the most points of any kindergartner on the school reading program and received a special certificate for this. He had about 50 points while most of the other kindergartners had 5 or less.
Stay tuned for part 2....