Friday, June 20, 2008

Momentous day in the lives of cube dwellers

Suzy thinks I’m a little crazy for enjoying this guy’s videos as much as I do. The best I can say is there is a joy/hope that comes across from his videos. Below is his latest which was released earlier today.

After his first one he admitted the popularity and effect his videos have had with people was purely by accident. It was originally intended as a goofy travel log that he and his family would watch. He continues however to make videos that for me (and apparently a great deal of other people) are true to that innocent/honest joy of the first.

I guess sometimes I feel I am consuming my life sitting in a box staring at meaningless stuff on a computer screen. This guy gives me a few minutes of sitting in the box staring at stuff on the screen that makes me realize I shouldn’t waste my life sitting in the box. I just wish the path that this guy took out of his box were big enough for all of us.

Anyway time to get back to my pursuit of nirvana in Microsoft Excel.

Enjoy the video. (It's much better in high quality directly on Youtube


Donna said...

aaarrgghhh- can't view the video...


Yeah I was hoping the html would eventually work as Youtube has been having difficulties with this video today. I will try again.

Donna said...

Oh yeah- Dancing Matt! He's from the Seattle area, and Mark worked on his website and has met him. So you can say you are connected to him by 2 degrees of separation. We always get a kick out of that dance- thanks for the laugh.