Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This one is dedicated to all the new mothers.

So tonight during Family Home Evening the following conversation occurred:

Suzy: "When the baby comes there are going to be some changes at home."

Ryan: "Like I get to color the big James (the train) coloring book."

Suzy: "Yes, but you only get to color the James coloring book when I'm feeding the baby."

Jacob (yelling because that seems to be his only volume setting nowadays): "YOU MEAN WHEN YOU'RE MILKING HER?"


Donna said...

OK, I'm having to wipe the tears from my eyes to type this- I was laughing that hard. That is too funny.


Here's another one for you.

At breakfast this morning I was reading one of those "Get ready for birth pamphlets" and made some non-flattering comment to Suzy about some of the terminology.

Ryan didn't like my tone. He came to Suzy's defense by giving me a major stink eye and growling, "MOMMY DOESN"T HAVE A MUSIC PLUG!!"