Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some pictures of Alison (aka Ki-Ki)

Here are a few pictures of Alison that we took on Sunday. I decided to give her a bath and then put on the dress and then I figured we should take pictures. This was all at a time when we should have been making/having dinner, but sometimes you just have to take pictures of the baby. I tried to get Jacob and Ryan to put on nice shirts so that they could be in a nice picture with Alison but only Jacob complied. Ryan, in his 3 year old way, said that he did not feel like changing his shirt for the picture. Hence, the orange shirt.

Jacob, Alison, and Ryan in the backyard. The boys called her "ki-ki" before she was born and while we were very clear that it would not be her name, even John and I are having a hard time not calling her Ki-ki, the kik-ster, kik-meister, kiks, etc. I think the nickname will stay around for awhile.

Alison getting a little tired of the photo shoot.


Donna said...

So cute! Looks like she is already fitting into 3-6 months clothes already! That means all the seasons of the clothes I sent you might be a little off- oops.

Mia had an imaginary friend named Kiki- love that nickname, hope it sticks!

Bob & Kristy said...

I guess Donna doesn't remember Suma Puma Senchi Kiki Stovall- our grey cat Suzy KILLED- the first of her Stovall family pet victims. Trying to make up for it now? So who's going to get the nickname "Frodo" I'd like to know?!

I just couldn't resist teasing you. Actually, we are babysitting the preschool's guinea pig this summer, and they had a plastic ball they offered to let us take with the guinea pig. I thought that would be fun until I gave it just two seconds more thought and remembered that we have stairs. Rosco the guinea pig is doing just fine, but keep your fingers crossed for us. I don't want to have to buy a replacement guinea pig!

Alison's pictures are darling. We have a present to send you- hopefully it'll get mailed tomorrow!