Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alison's birthday and other summer events

Here are a few pictures from the last month or so. Alison turned two at the end of July and I think we sang happy birthday to her and had cupcakes at least 3 different times with different family members. Now she thinks it is her birthday all the time. There are also a few pictures from our small roadtrip out to Utah. More about that in our next post.

Hanging out on the lawn in front of the Utah state capital. We needed a place to hang out and eat our vacation lunch (sandwiches and other goodies from the cooler) and the grass here was green and there was shade. It was quite warm in SLC that day, something that we are not used to this summer.

Through my smile I am telling Ryan that if he is doing bunny ears, I am going to hurt him or take away wii for a long time.

Alison enjoying one of her birthday cupcakes. Her new hairbows are from her Aunt Dakin.

We had lots of fun with Luke, Zachary, and Elizabeth while they enjoyed their last few weeks in the USA. This is a favorite picture and one we will look at a lot and think of them in their new home in England.


Donna said...

I love that first picture. It totally looks like John is giving birth to Ryan. And John's expression just adds to it. I can't stop laughing. It's awesome.

(And yes, I have a very twisted sense of humor).

John said...

Zachary says "I hope you have a nice time missing us." Luke says: "Dear Jacob and Ryan, Have you had a nice time in America? Love Luke." Elizabeth says "Allison, Happy Birthday to you. Have bows."

We miss you guys.