Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glow Dome Love

Ryan received some money from grandparents for his birthday back in March so he decided that he needed to have a Crayola Glow Dome. His friend brought one over about a year ago and Ryan has coveted them ever since. So, we drove down to the "Mall" (yes, Newpark is still there and still as great as ever) and got Ryan a glow dome.

So, it is a toy that you can write on and then in the dark, your art glows and it will even spin if you like. Kinda like your own disco ball but it is on the ground and you can write or draw on it. Anyway, one night the boys were being sneaky and they told John and I that they had a surprise for us that we would discover later. They left the glow dome in our room with a note to turn it on when we went to bed. So, being obedient parents, we did exactly what our children told us. Here is a picture of the glow dome with their secret message in the light and then in GLOW mode. It does say "We love you" with all their names. It was very sweet and helped us forget anything that may have gone wrong in the course of the shower-pjs-brush teeth-read-pray-potty- mania that is bedtime.

Glow dome in the light - less effective

Full glow effect with the love note

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