Monday, November 7, 2011


We are bad, bad parents.  We were supposed to get pictures of our children in their Halloween costumes, which I think is parenting rule #107.  I did get a picture of Alison in her costume when she wore it to preschool on the Thursday before Halloween.  I also got a picture of everyone when they did a trick or treat service project on the Saturday before Halloween.  But did I take a picture on Halloween?  No.  Penance may be to eat 5 pounds worth of the Halloween candy that is sitting on my counter, including the tootsie rolls and the smarties. I am about 1/2 way through my punishment.   We did have fun trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and at the Hub (in the afternoon).  Alison lost all of her apparent shyness when it came to asking strangers for candy.  Jacob and Ryan discovered that they did not like strobe lights.

 Here are the pictures we did take. 
Alison as a butterfly

Jacob (hidden behind the green bag) is Charlie Brown, Ryan is a ninja without his hood,
and Alison is a butterfly reaching for the candy she just collected.

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