Monday, April 1, 2013

Pictures for the Bardsleys

Here are two pictures that I thought I would post for our family in Amsterdam.  The first is Alison in a dress that Mia gave to her and she has been waiting for years to wear! She was so happy to wear the dress today for Easter that she did not take it off all day.

The second picture is a tulip that came all the way from Amsterdam and was planted in our garden.  So, it was probably planted too late and it got warm here too fast, but at least there is a bloom (even though it is right at the base)!  We are all excited about it.  We will do better next year.    

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Donna Bardsley said...

I loved that dress too. Looks adorable on Ali.
Enjoy the tulips because there are no tulips here yet. It's been too cold! Lots of tourists came into town this weekend for the opening of tulip season and totally feel ripped off.

Thanks for the pics!