Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008

Well, my children were very excited to see Barack Obama win the election tonight. They had both decided several weeks ago that they were going to 'vote' for Obama. Here is an excerpt of the conversation when I asked Jacob why he wanted Obama to be the next president:

"Why do you want Obama to win? What do you know about him that makes you think he will be a good president?"
"I like the way he looks."
"You like the way he looks?"
"I like his hair and his skin color. He looks good."

So Jacob was an Obama supporter based on physical appearance but apparently he talked about it at kindergarten (on the playground, I think) and would ask me almost everyday if I had decided who I was going to vote for. Last Friday he was very worried because I only had a few days left and I HAD to decide soon.

Ryan would flip-flop. He started out being an Obama supporter because he thought Obama's first name was "the Rock" and how cool would it be to have a president named "the Rock Obama". However, being the little brother that he is, in recent days he started professing loyalty to John McCain just to disagree with his older brother. Like many, seeing the excitement and energy of election night, Ryan wanted to be part of the action and is once again a blue child.

To give them credit, Jacob and Ryan tried to follow the campaign as much as their attention spans would allow. They would watch parts of the debates with John and whenever they saw pictures of either candidate in the newspaper they would get very excited.

I wish I had a good picture to post for this but I will just put a few random ones up: the kids with Grandpa Y; the boys in the garage putting on a show (after seeing the Blue's Clue's movie where they put on a show), and two pictures from a field trip to the pumpkin patch that John chaperoned for Jacob's class.


Donna said...

That's hilarious! I love that Ryan had to be the voice of dissent. Sounds like he has the little brother thing down pat. (Who knows, maybe he was crushing on Palin?)

Grandpa Don said...

Thanks, Suzy. I enjoyed the photos and your comments.

Bob & Kristy said...

At Nicki's school they had the kids "vote for the candidates. She had to bring in a picture of both candidates, and they talked in class about voting, and having to choose, etc. Anyway, Nicki and her little girlfriend got off the bus and very excitedly told me they voted for John McCain. I asked them why they chose him, and they both looked at each other, grinned, and shouted, "because he had the girl next to him!"

Ahh, identity politics; it starts so young. Or perhaps I should say, it is a very immature instinct. Anyway, that was the day before the election. Either the day of the election or the day after, Nicki decided to change her vote, because "McCain might die". Which, incidentally, is exactly what Emily told me was the rumor going 'round the playground.