Thursday, November 27, 2008


Since last Friday, I have been the beneficiary of some much needed work-life balance. As a result of said balance, I am attempting to deepen my "blogging skills" (Not to be confused with computer hacking skills or other such Napoleonic achievements).

Anyway, this first video was taken shortly after Halloween and documents my sadistic amusement at the expense of my child's innocence.

This next one is from back in October and documents Jacob's second day on a two wheeler. We sort of borrowed a play from Suzy's brother John and converted the bike you see here to a "Like-a-Like-a-bike" by removing the pedals. After about a week of tooling around without pedals, Suzy slapped them back on and Jacob was rolling in a few tries. He has since moved from this ridiculously small bike to a 16" bike. We never had to do the hold the seat, chase the kid routine.


Katy said...

I see that your oldest son is taking after you...and I especially like the very large helmet Jacob is wearing, probably because the kid-size doesn't fit him. Thanks for posting the videos. I'm really impressed with your blogging skills.

Grandpa Don said...

We love the videos. We've watched them a couple of times since you first showed them to me. They remind us of our kids when they first rode a bike, or ate something they didn't like. The boys will enjoy showing them to their kids someday!