Friday, June 19, 2009

Checking email posting with a little update

Jacob finished Kindergarten on Wednesday.  Now he is very excited about summer home school (whatever that is).


Ryan is done with his first year of preschool and is a surprisingly good reader.  Jacob and he check out all the magic tree house books and pour over them.  Ryan reads a lot of words but is still working on sounding out words he doesn’t know.  He wouldn’t be as far along if he didn’t read with Jacob.


Allison is not as far along with the walking idea as the boys were at this age.  She makes up for it in her screaming development.  She is farther along than either of the boys is even today.  The girl screams/squeals all day for any reason as well as no reason at all.


Suzy is sinking money into a garden that perplexes her.  The Square Foot Garden is not living up to the hype.  Each square foot cost us about $7.50 so needless to say I’m expecting either a truckload of produce or the most luscious tomatoes corn etc known to man.  It keeps Suzy sane so it’s worth the money.


I’m working.  Job is better than the old one but more like herding cats.  Investments (other than the house) are doing well.  I’m eyeballing the rental property game.  On the advice of Tony Hawk on twitter, I’m trying to be more “present”.


Enjoy this post…who knows when the next will be.



Donna said...

That's funny-- sometimes I work very hard at not being "present." It's better if I just pretend to not be aware of anything going on.

I don't know what the square foot cost of our garden it, but I do know that the microscopic strawberries and scrawny rhubarb so far have not exactly been worth it.

John said...

Nice to see a post from you guys. I wish I had seen it a little earlier. Then I would have had a little more to say to the Bartholomew cousins when they asked about you. (We're in Raleigh right now.)

SUZY "LA JEFA" said...

ummm....Alison, not Allison