Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another email update

This time from the crackberry.

Jacob lost his first tooth during Sunday dinner at the Stovalls. In an indirect commentary on his table manners/eating habits, he swallowed it without knowing. His immediate concern was the terms and conditions surrounding transactions with the tooth fairy. I informed him the tooth fairy will pay a discounted rate for a poop tooth but you have to fish it out of the toilet. Suzy then clarified that a note was sufficient to secure payment.

Last Saturday we went to Fairyland at Lake Merritt and had a great time. I had never been there. Toward the end of the day, I told the kids we would be going somewhere awesome for dinner. Jacob immediately tried to guess the locale of culinary awesomeness by asking, "TACO BELL?" We never go to Taco Bell so Suzy and I laughed pretty hard at the randomness. We were kind enough not to inform anyone at Fenton's of their inferiority to "The Border".
Our first family trip to Fenton's was a bust. Despite all the hoopla, we were immediately disappointed to discover they don't have high chairs (only booster seats). So we wrestled Alison the whole time. Suzy tried to keep Ally away from the water glasses but ended up spilling one herself. While I can understand the motive, I was pretty offended by this not so subtle prejudice against families with babies. Fenton's fails.
Anyway, Ryan slept through the whole meal and started running a fever. He hardly ate anything but horked it all back up on the drive home. Having been parents for awhile now, we were "ready" when it came. Let's just say the A's probably never intended their promo bucket hat to be used so literally.

Sorry for all the bodily functions in this post. I'm guessing if you've had little boys you understand the world we live in.

This is far more than I ever want to type on a Blackberry again.
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Katy said...

I don't think I hear the words "poop," "fart," "stinky," or anything similar half as often during the rest of week than I do in those few hours I spend with Jacob and Ryan. They certainly do have a fascination.

So speaking of Blackberries, any news from your buddy Lance?

Bob/Kristy said...

It sure is surprising what a few kids do to dull your squeamishness. After a while you kind of give up, and you find you can't believe what kind of accidents you can handle in a car without even stopping!

Donna said...

Ahh, Fairyland. I remember it well.

The Taco Bell comment is priceless. We often drive by a donkey in a pasture by our house, and we happen to know it's name is Taco. Mia recently told a friend that he was named Taco after her "favorite restaurant Taco Bell." Never mind that she has only been there twice, not even in the recent past, and one of those times she only got a fruit smoothie.