Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Summer, the three-part series

With school starting on Wednesday, I felt it was time to finally get some pictures up from our summer vacation. I am breaking up the end of summer blog into three parts, a trilogy, you might say.

Installment 1: Ode to Cousin Visits
We enjoyed visits from many cousins this summer. These were a highlight of our summer. Our kids wish that cousins could visit every day. With G & G S moving soon, our yearly flow of cousins may dry up. Hence, the ode to cousins blog. Enjoy the pictures.

*** Note: Boy on far left is not a cousin, just a friend.


Donna said...

Just think, now you can go visit cousins at their houses! Yay!

(The Bardsley hotel is open for Thanksgiving and Christmas, by the way).

Bob/Kristy said...

Great pictures!

Bob has 2 weeks off for Christmas, and guess what he wants to do? Go somewhere warm. It's a good thing that you and Sally still live in Fremont- I suspect we'll still be back regularly.