Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Summer, Installment Two

Installment Two: Ode to Katy

Katy is gone back to Utah but this summer she did everything for us. She babysat, painted rooms, washed walls, cooked, cleaned, taught piano lessons, helped Ryan ride his two wheeler, tried to teach Alison to walk (she is almost there...) and was a naturalist. We definitely miss her but know that she will have an exciting year as she works toward her goal of becoming an RD. Here are our pictures for her of some summer events although I think she has more that she needs to send me....

Jacob's kindergarten graduation

Katy and Alison at a water park

Alison and her birthday cupcake

Jacob and Ryan before we painted their wall blue

Ryan riding his two wheeler

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Katy said...

Thank for posting this, Suzy! I miss you guys! And I do have some pictures to send you. Whenever I get around to uploading the photos from my camera, I will send you some pictures.