Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ode to Summer, Part Three

Ode to Friends and Fun

The last part of the end of summer Ode is for the friends we were able to see and the fun we had. I should have more pictures of friends and fun but I am not good about taking my camera places. I should have at least one picture of us at the new Aqua Adventure WaterPark at Lake Elizabeth since we had season passes and went there about once/week. Maybe in a future post.

Sommer and her kids (who are EXACTLY the same age and sex as our kids) came to visit!! They moved away several years ago and it was great to see them. It was a fun but quick afternoon.

Ashley and Mike and family also came back to Fremont this summer. It was fun to visit with them and go to the beach! Jacob and Ryan were sad not to see them more. It was nice to have several friends who have moved away come back and visit. I miss them!

A trip to the Oakland zoo with our zoo pals, the Cheethiralas. We love going to the zoo with them!
The joys of camping... At least the weather was warm for this trip. We went camping at the beach on Memorial Day and nearly froze (the parents, that is. The kids could've cared less about the cold. They had a great time with friends)

A final watermelon-face of summer. sigh.


Katy said...

That last picture Alison is just so classically her. So cute!

Gabriela Hull said...

Alison is the cutest little girl! I loved her cake picture, too. Your family is too cute.