Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! As Christmas miracle, I am actually going to post some pictures from our family from the last few months. It has been busy here but the hardest part in posting is that the computer resides in Alison's room so I can't work on the blog late at night because she is sleeping. She is taking in a nap in my room now so while everyone else is in the Christmas haze, I will post.
Halloween: We borrowed costumes from a friend and she had enough that each boy had several costumes. On Halloween night, Ryan was a lion but he had also been an alien. Jacob was a baseball player but he had been a skunk. Alison is a ballerina bee. She loved Halloween and ate candy through the wrappers as we trick or treated.

Ryan at the slide near his preschool. He loves preschool but is so excited for kindergarten.

At a goodbye party for mom and dad in front of the ol' homestead.

Here we are a ColdStone, one of the last nights for Grandpa in Fremont.

At the zoo with Grandma during the time she stayed with us before moving. It was cold but fun.

Apple pie from Thanksgiving. John loved this pie and made me take a picture of it. Can't you just taste the flaky crust and the juicy apples. This was the favorite part of our meal. Arnold and Denise came over and it was a nice afternoon.

It is the time of year for Dungeness crab here in the Bay Area and during a sale at Safeway, we picked some up and had a crab feast. John and the boys watched a youtube video on how to eat whole crabs and then we cracked them open and ate! I was surprised that Jacob and Ryan were so willing to eat the crab. They did great. Maybe we have a new family tradition. Now they want to try lobster...I told them when we visit where Luke and Zachary live, we can try lobster.

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John said...

Nice pictures! Yeah, you guys can come anytime, and we'll take out for some lobster. It really is awesome.