Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rudolph song

Here are a few other pictures from Christmas-time. Don't miss the video at the end.

Ryan's Christmas preschool party.

Another of Alison at the kitchen table, drawing. It is her new favorite thing, unfortunately.

Friends in our ward dropped by snowmen donuts and hats the other evening for a Christmas treat.

The shepherds were a bit wild at the family nativity. They did a great job of being "sore afraid".

Some of the craziness on Christmas eve.

Jacob and Ryan before bed on Christmas eve.

The video is of Ryan's school singing Rudolph at a preschool Christmas party with other classes. Yes, that is Ryan doing the solos. He and Jacob just learned those parts the other week. I did not start recording at the beginning of the song because I was behind a wall of eager parents and couldn't really see. When I realized what Ryan was doing, I ran over with the camera but still had to shoot between two parents faces.


Ritters said...

Leah loves drawing too! Ugh it is a pain that is why we got her a magna doodle for christmas. I can't believe how much the kids have change just since the last time I saw them. So cute.

Katy said...

How fun to see pictures. Alison is adorable. She has so much hair now, and it looks like she is following after Jacob and Ryan's tradition of having a rather large head. I'm sad I missed Christmas with you guys!