Monday, June 7, 2010

24 left to go

iron-on t-shirts that is. Twenty-four gold stars that say "Hirsch 2010 1st grade stars". Luckily the stars are small and only take 45 seconds each to iron-on. The shirts are for our spring program on Tuesday where each grade level does a dance and the whole school sings some songs. Kind of like the May day program at Parkmont except parents put this on instead of teachers. There is even a maypole dance by the 6th graders. I am in charge of 1st grade and we will be dancing to "Liza Jane" (a country-esqe version) in cowboy hats and bandanas. Oh, and the t-shirts. Can't forget the t-shirts. It really hasn't been that bad but after already doing 38, I am starting to hit a wall. So, I decided that I should blog. Donna mentioned that it is time that I update the old blog and I was confused because I knew that I have posted pictures within the last 4 months. That was up to date for me. Apparently, it was not good enough. Kristy has been writing on her blog lately and I have been enjoying those posts. Yes, I am a lurker and generally don't make comments probably because I sneak a peak at blogs late at night or during the day when I am supposed to be watching my kids.

John uploaded some photos to our computer the other day so I will go look for some to put up. Tuesday is the last baseball game for both boys and Saturday is the closing ceremonies. We survived our first year of little league. I am surprised how much the boys liked it and how they never complained even after more than 4 months of practices and games. I thought we would do it one year to see how it went, but it looks like we may have to do it again. I may move Ryan up early so at least we are not on 2 different teams and at the ball field Tues-Sat.

Did I mention that I got a new computer? And printer? Yes, John and I bought our first computer of our marriage last month and now have updated our printer after 10 years. I guess it was time. Now, we just need to buy a new kitchen table and a bed for Alison's room and I think we will be good for the rest of the year. Wait, I forgot about new window coverings for the house. It just doesn't look great when your mini-blind slates start breaking and haning sideways off the window. Not too classy. I think that was going to be my birthday present last year, but I never got around to it. Possibly because we had to replace the garage window and door from the house to the garage. Anyway, we should be good after that purchase until it is time to get a desk for the boys room and update the 30 yr old couches in our living room.

To my siblings: you may be getting strange letters from me in the next few weeks. I was going through a box of my school stuff that mom saved and ran across some items that got filed in the wrong places. There are several pieces of John's second grade (?) art work, a report card of Danny's (I know you want that), as well as a journal entry Kristy wrote on the day she was baptized. Donna, I don't think I have anything of yours, but I might. I will try to get those mailed out soon. I found some awesome projects and papers in my pile and pulled them out to put on the blog and then forgot and put them back in the box and asked John to put the box up in the garage rafters. Then, I remembered the next day that I wanted to type some of them out. Ouch. Guess it will have to wait until we move or something because I don't think there is any chance of John getting up there again anytime soon. Anyway, one thing that I remember was a paper from 2nd grade where I wrote about what I wanted to be when I grow up. I believe that I wanted to be the wife of the President of the United States (feminism hadn't quite reached 2nd grade parkmont yet) or a movie star. I think I also wanted to drive a convertible. Ahh, the dreams of youth.

Well, the iron has been on and it getting quite hot waiting for me to type this so I had better get back. Enjoy the pictures. It was nice talking with y'all.

On a family hike at a windy Coyote Hills. Skin cancer inspires stupid hats.

Ryan (3rd from rt) in the A's dugout

Jacob in his Rays uniform

At Ryan's preschool graduation

The crowded car on our way camping for Memorial day. Front right is a pile of stuff (the car chair was taken out).
Guess it is time for a car-top carrier.


Donna said...

Ah, the things we find ourselves doing in the name of classroom volunteering.

I also have been meaning to blog about a paper I wrote in the 3rd grade, titled "When I Grow Up." It seems that in the 3rd grade I wanted to be a "computer whiz" and own my own clothing store. I also wanted to marry a prince and live in a castle. And I thought my favorite food would be BBQ ribs.

Thanks for the update!

John said...

Thanks for the update. Dakin and I are looking forward to seeing you guys next month.