Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ryan's 5th birthday

Ryan turned 5 on St. Patrick's day. Of course we had green pancakes for dinner and a bright green cake for his birthday. He got a bunch of hot wheel track items and last weekend went to see "how to train a dragon" with Grandma and Grandpa Young (a birthday wish). Ryan also had a pizza lunch with a group of his friends from his preschool. He has a nice group of friends at preschool and we have never had any of them over to play so it was nice to have them over for his birthday. John also had his birthday in March. If you missed his facebook post, he got a wii for his birthday. The boys get to play it sometimes. We had to stress that it was not their wii, but dad's.

Here is a recent family picture. Yes, those are bunny ears. Jacob is in the bunny ear phase. How long does that last?

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