Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And after 7 years...

I am finally released from primary (3 years as chorister, 4 years as president - mind you there was a month release in there when we combined wards and our ward was dissolved but then I was recalled the next month). Anyway, it is funny that the Sunday before Alison goes into nursery I am released having never had to sit in the hall outside of Sunday school or relief society with an antsy toddler praying for 18 months to come. John and other ward members had that responsibility for all of our children. Thank you. I started thinking that I missed something but then I realized...I had it every other day besides Sunday!

Seriously, I am not sure I am going to be able to take SITTING for Sunday School and Relief Society. I picture myself jumping up, screaming, and running out of the relief society room due to claustrophobia or other phobias (the room is so small... and we can't wear perfume because of fragrance allergies = problem).

Anyway, I am back to my old calling of RS enrichment leader only it has changed names since the last time I had it (and it had changed names that time from the previous time I had the calling) so anyone out there that loves something their RS does for weekly meetings, please let me know. I think my mom just got the same calling so I'll pass the info on to her as well. Thanks in advance. Part of success in callings is just knowing the right people who have great ideas and borrowing them.

Ryan is here and wants to say something: Monday. I went to school today and I could not believe that everything was changed up. My teachers changed everything up. There was an earthquake when I was at my school. We had one the day before that also. Two in two days. (mom note: they were centered in Milpitas so we felt them pretty good even though they were small). I wanted to see what was up with everybody but not my friends. The school is fun but I had to go. (mom note: I am making him stop now)


Ritters said...

Wow you have been in Primary a long time.I love being in RS. It doesn't seem like I am ever in there very long I always end up back in Primary. Josh is very excited about Leah being in nursery. He will actually be able to go to class now. She visited nursery two weeks ago and loved it. Not real good a sharing.

John said...

Thanks for the update Ryan. Recently Zachary has taken a liking to the computer. He likes to move the mouse and type the keys, while Dakin and I aren't looking. The other day I found a folder renamed "ECZXBVVVVVVV8792347983".

Gabriela Hull said...

I have the same calling as you! I believe that Maralynne and Ann have that calling, too.