Thursday, April 8, 2010

San Diego Trip

I am finally getting around to post some pictures of 2010. I have given up ever getting our New Year's day trip to Santa Cruz posted (it was a beautiful day, by the way, for all you who were wondering) but I will try to get some of the other events like our family trip, visits from family, and some birtthday put up. I have also almost given up writing on the blog and just posting photos. You will notice the # of pictures have increased while the number of words is decreasing.

San Diego trip summary: Left Thursday before President's day. Returned home the Tuesday after. Went to Legoland, San Diego zoo, and the San Diego Wild Animal park. Vacationed with John's brother and his family (who got us great hotel deals). Overall rating: SUPER AWESOME!

The kids and their cousins.

Baby elephant that was born the day before. Seriously.

Let's just say after this picture was taken, there was a bit of gorilla chase and smack-down. The boys could not believe that John had captured the pinch on camera.

At a park in downtown San Diego.

Studying the map at the San Diego zoo.

Mama and baby panda. We rushed to see this since the baby is only out in the morning.

After a full day at the zoo and spending all their hard-earned money at the gift shop. Jacob and Ryan did jobs for the 6 weeks before the zoo to earn money to spend. They were so excited. We came home with a zoo of stuffed animals.

Alison at Legoland. She was too small to go on a lot of the attractions but luckily she was too young to care. She is having fun at a musical fountain.

Ryan at Legoland.

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